I Have A New Idea!

22 May

Okay so it’s been a few weeks and I’ve put the quilt aside because… I don’t have a real excuse so you can go ahead and use one of the many we all do.  Truth be told, I got overwhelmed and stopped. HOWEVER, I am thinking about how to add a bit of personality to it without “ruining” the shirts. I was told of a site that takes images you send them and prints it onto fabric. YEA, I know, if you can think of it, it’s on the internet-even a blog about a quilt that’s getting nowhere near done.

Since Paul keeps just about everything he has ever owned, experienced, seen, thought about, etc… it occurred to me that he MUST have his concert tickets and YES!  It’s true folks!  The man has most , if not all,  of the concert tickets from all the shows he’s been to. I guess it’s to match the t-shirts? I’m sure this is more common than I can imagine but remember that I throw away my movie ticket even before I walk into the theater so you can see how this is confusing to me.  So anyway back to what I was thinking about the quilt. My thought is that I scan the tickets and find the site to have time print the images onto fabric. Then I can cut them out and accent the finished product with the tickets to give it more of what I visualized. But then I need to put the thing together, which realistically, can be done in one afternoon if I just pull it out and work on it.

Oh btw, I asked Paul to give me a brief history/memory of each of the shirts I’m putting on the quilt. I gave him the project to do a week ago. I need to ask him if he has that for me. I’m not sure what I’ll use it for but I’m sure it fits in all of this somewhere.

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