Step 1-the “just looking phase”

26 May

Today was the first day of our ‘just looking’ phase of house hunting and of the seven we saw, I really liked two of them. In fact, I was myself living in  one of them BUT that’s not the point of our ‘just looking’ phase. I was nervous on the way there and kept reminding myself that this move isn’t a major one into another city far away and even if it isn’t in SLO, the county is small enough so that I don’t have to alter my life that much. It went well over all. We are doing it again on Thursday.

That being said, while we were in this amazing house with stone floors in the living area and granite counters, textured walls and shiny new appliances in the kitchen and bedrooms with vaulted ceilings, I had a moment of memory of the year after Candy and I graduated high school (1986) and Glendale (CA) was in the process of putting in mansions on the pristine hills that were open spaces. The houses were a shocking $250,000. People were disgusted and drawn to them. Years later when development was just out of control, these houses were the “small” ones on the hill.

Being out of school and not wanting to go to college or work, we were bored and had way too much time on our hands. So we would go house hunting with Realtors who would show us these houses with the pretenses that we were buying. I mean really? Did we seriously think we looked like we were shopping for a house? I think we did! And did these women really think we would buy a home? I think they did!

I remembered that while sitting on the floor of the master bedroom of the house we were in today. It made me see how much fun this can be and even though it’s a major large step that could potentially paralyze me, knowing that I used to do this in pretend just to see what the inside of houses looked like at 18 years old, I know I can do it now for real at 41.

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One response to “Step 1-the “just looking phase”

  1. Rebecca

    June 18, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    I think it’s funny that you went (pretend) house shopping at 18 and that realtors took you seriously. Maybe they were bored too and wanted something to do…


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