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the boyfriend quilt

I decided that I was finally going to finish all the projects that I started and put aside because of (fill in the blank here). The Pauls left for a camping trip on Saturday afternoon. Right after they left, I walked through the house, rearranged things to fit my comforts. Cleaned the bedrooms, closed the doors to them, opened the back door to let in some outside air in, pulled out the projects and looked them over. Overwhelmed but able to plan it out in my head.

First thing to finish and send off was Iain’s comforter cover. We had gone to Beverly’s, picked out fabric, looked over patterns and ideas in November of 2009. Yup, that’s a while ago.  I just needed a back for it and it would be done. So, I got in the car and headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I picked out what I was looking for and strolled through the store to see what they had. The place is filled from ceiling to floor with STUFF but nothing that caught my eye. I’m not into filling my space up with STUFF so I headed home. I spent the afternoon pinning, sewing, cussing for making a mistake or two and then it was done. There that wasn’t so bad. It’s been mailed off. Let’s home the USPS doesn’t “lose” it.

The quilt that I intended on making for Small Paul needs to be done right so I contacted a woman who quilts with pretty stitches and dropped that off. All I need to do when I get it is put on the binding and done. I love that other people like to finish what I start.

Now Paul’s t-shirt comforter. I had to make sure the back matched the front, the front didn’t get messed up while I finished it and trying to finish it to make it look like it’s theme rather than fitting into the “quilt” box. I think I did a good job. All I need now are large safety pins to attach to the front to hold everything into place and give it an appropriate accent. I sewed it all and put it on the bed to surprise him when he got home from his camping trip.

When he got home, he was a bit beat up and tired but in good spirits. He had a great time with is son and was really happy to be home. I took him to the bedroom. He was it and “eeked” and with the happiest tone said “I’m a teenager again!!!!” He loves it. We slept in it last night. I did feel like the girlfriend sleeping over her boyfriends house with his special comforter and all that comes with it.

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