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These feet

My car is in the shop. Nick, the tow truck driver took her away to be checked out and repaired. Anytime anything happens to that car, my heart sinks a little. I refer to her as the prom queen. She is everything that is perfect and I’m lucky enough to have her BUT she makes me work for her attention. So she is not here today and won’t be back until at least mid-week. As Nick drove away, I felt a sense of liberation and dread. How was I going to manage to do my day to day errands without her? I wondered if I could rent a car or use Pauls before he has to go to work. BUT wait, before cars, there were feet! So I’ve decided that I’m going to be a functioning person WITHOUT a car. Now mind you, I know that I have the privilege of time on my side so I can take longer to do things without having to watch the clock. I also know that my town isn’t that big. The furthest I’m going to have to walk is 3 miles each way if I want to go to New Frontiers. So with a little bit of thinking and planning, day one was a great success.

Day one: Walked the little guy to school with a package I need to mail in hand. After the drop off, I decided that I also want to stop off at my favorite coffee shop which is 2 1/2 miles down from where I am. The post office is on the way. Exercise is an important part of healthy living. Walked through a quiet neighborhood, stopped and stared at my favorite house in town. Big, bright yellow house on Branch Street. One day, I will stand in that house. Next, got onto the noisy street. Instead of being uptight about the noise, I found there are small patches of weeds growing on the sidewalk. I decided they need to be loved too. Crossed over the freeway. Stopped for a bit to watch the traffic. Wow, we in SLO don’t know what real traffic looks like. I move on. Got to the post office. The guy I always go to asked me where I’ve been lately. It occurs to me that since I haven’t had to drive this way since the beginning of summer, I haven’t come to this station. I take a note to make more trips over, if for nothing else but to say hi to him. Nice guy. Walk over to Nautical Bean. They do have the best coffee (at least I think so). They send me on my way with a cup in hand. I head back but decide to that a different route. I am going to walk through the Madonna complex by using their bike road. I see a flock of geese flying over Laguna Lake. Geese are cool. The bike road is a great addition to the hotel/restaurant. The Madonnas definitely have made a place in their world. I’ve never met any of them. I hope they know they are appreciated for their love of eclectic tastes. I get back into town. I head up Higuera St instead of cutting over to Pismo to head home. I want to stop off for some yarn at Beverly’s. I bump into a couple of people on the way and small talk. It’s good to small talk sometimes, it makes you realize you aren’t alone in the world. Beverly’s doesn’t have the yarn I want. In fact, their yarn selection is getting worse as more specialized and more expensive places start popping up around town. No, I’m not going to get on my soap box about it but I’m not amused. I walk over to the park and notice there are a few more couples sleeping mid-day. Yea, the happiest place in the US has a whole lot of homelessness no one wants to talk about. I get home. It took 2.5 hours to mail my package. Spend time with my love. Eat lunch. Put on my shoes, walk down to Fresh and Easy to pick up something for dinner and head to school to pick up the little guy. We stop off at the Grinder for his ham sandwich. He pays for it and we stroll home, house shopping like we do every day. It may seem ridiculous to other people. I accept that. But I had a pretty good day.

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